Pinot Forum

The Russian River Valley Pinot Forum was begun in 2003 with a mission to educate fine wine buyers from all over the world about the distinctive characteristics of Pinot Noirs and winemakers of California's Russian River Valley. The first event was put together in record time by a team of committed wine folks, and while each year's event is unique, the basic philosophy and structure of the event has continued forward:

The best way to achieve our mission is to bring the people to us for a hands-on experience.

The Forum consists of two days of seminars both in the field and at tastings that afford guests an in-depth knowledge of how and why the Pinot Noirs of the Russian River Valley are distinctive. History of the region, terminology and terroir are addressed by the best and most cutting-edge winemakers in the region.

Tours and seminars have included "Four Points of the Compass", "Navigating the Fot" and "What is the Russian River Valley Style?".

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