Jonathan Walton


Mr. Walton came to wine a little too early. Many of his childhood afternoons were spent sitting on the floors of tasting rooms around and about Paso Robles and Monterey, idly waiting for his father to wash down one more swirl of swill. Oh yes, much later as he headed the wine department of the Berkeley Whole Foods Jonathan became enraptured with the Biodynamic wines of the Southern Rhone and The Languedoc.

His tastes and passions followed him east to Brooklyn where he wore many hats for the upstart urban winery Brooklyn Oenology, but the lure of the Sonoma Coast was too strong. In 2013 Jonathan cut his teeth with the crew at Martinelli winery before doing a but-too-brief sojourn in the Wairau Valley at Huia’s sustainably farmed Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Vineyards. Once again, the siren’s song of cool climate Cali Pinot called to Jonathan, bid him to cross back over the Pacific. He had landed at Failla, and after one taste of the Chuy Big Egg, knew he’d found a winery whose vision he could embrace and call his own.

Jonathan Walton, Production