Team Failla Spotlight - Colette Larson

Colette Larson

Wine Educator

Colette (aka CoCo) is as diverse as the wines she loves to sip and share, call her a good “Meritage” if you will! Colette’s heritage hails from the islands of Hawaii to a village called Skanevik in Norway, to the high plains of South Dakota. Colette comes from farming roots on both sides! Her Grandmothers were always peppering the house with yummy food and with the diversity of her nationality, this brought on a heightened sensory experience for food and wine. As a child she loved all things theatrical, including dance, drama and writing poetry, which accentuated her zest for life.

Being creative lead to expressing herself through the arts and touching the lives of others. With the culmination of all these unique talents, it’s always been her desire to make a difference through genuine hospitality. The launch pad began in Napa and Sonoma nearly a decade ago where she threw herself to the study of wine and becoming a sommelier in training. This amazing platform birthed fresh ideas of bringing all her talents together which in turn became the very pulse and passion for the wine industry. As her tag line goes, “some things are better off shared”. 

Colette Larson