Allen Yoshinaga

Wine Educator

Allen’s just a small town boy from Oregon, living in a lonely world. He was first introduced to Failla before he could drink wine at the age of 20.  He was his Aunt’s designated driver to all of the wineries she wanted to visit while in Napa. This is where he first met co-owner Anne Marie Failla and chatted with her during a harvest lunch.  He was delighted with the wonderful hospitality and kindness that was shown to him.

He recently graduated college at Oregon State University (Go Beavers!) in the Spring of 2015. He started as a major in microbiology and minor in chemistry, but was interested in wine and beer making through a fermentation microbiology course at OSU.  At that point Allen added a minor in fermentation science.

After graduating, he worked on the production side of Failla during the 2015 harvest season, providing an opportunity to put some of the tools that he learned in college to good use! After harvest season ended he became curious about the other side to the wine business.  That is when the sweet, siren-like voice of Geoff Harner convinced this young soul to join the front lines of the Tasting Room team.  Allen hopes to show that same hospitality and kindness to the Failla guests that he was shown the first time that he was a guest at Failla.

Allen Yoshinaga - Wine Educator