olivet Ranch

Russian river valley

In 2011, with a desire to own and farm a higher percentage of our Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, Ehren purchased an established vineyard on Olivet Road in Santa Rosa, next to the revered Olivet Lane Vineyard.   First planted in 1975 by the Pellegrini family, Olivet Lane is home to some of the first Pinot Noir in the Russian River AVA.  For Ehren, acquiring an adjacent property planted with the same varietals as this heritage site didn't require much critical thinking - he leapt at the opportunity.

The result is Olivet Ranch, a 14-acre site situated on the Santa Rosa Plain in the heart of the Russian River Valley AVA. We immediately converted the vineyard to organic farming, and are now seeing the fruits of our labor.  As the core of our Sonoma coast chardonnay, we are delighted not only to see it raise the overall quality of our AVA blend, we are even more excited to see this particular block of the vineyard emerge as a standout.