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Nestled on top of a foggy ridge line amid the ever-winding roads near Annapolis, Peay's vineyard fits the definition of 'extreme farming.'  A marginal site at best, the vineyard's sandstone soils contribute to naturally low fertility and the potential for grapes of truly superior expression.


What the heck are people doing growing grapes and making wine from way out on a ridge top above the Pacific Ocean? I mean, it is remote. And kinda cold. And mountainous. And, frankly, can be a little inhospitable at times.
— Peay Vineyards

Peay sells grapes to us from two blocks of their 51 acre property from which we craft vineyard designate wine, making Failla one of only two wineries to receive their cold climate fruit.

Their vineyard, located 4 miles east of the Pacific ocean in the northwestern corner of Sonoma county, was first planted in 1998.  Failla began contracting with Peay Vineyards in 2006, and since then it has become a mainstay in the lineup, producing superior wines with intense structure, aromatics, and texture.  These wines are generally best aged for a half decade or so before you start popping corks.

Click to visit Peay Vineyard!

Click to visit Peay Vineyard!